Why this blog?

First things first, I’ve got no idea what I am doing with this blog and what’s its future. All I know is that one fine evening while talking to a friend on phone, from Bangalore, I realized that ” Man…. I should write a blog!”.

Nope. I ain’t gone bananas. You see… Me and my friend are… Different. Different as in oil and water kind.

She’s from a city and I am from a village in the Western Ghats in Coorg. ( Never heard of Coorg? … Well… What are you?)

She lives between tall sky scrapers while I, literally live in a jungle.

She is into digital marketing while I am just a forestry student.

And this folks… is Coorg

We were discussing tourism in Coorg and about her fascination with anything green. The longer the conversation went, the more it hit me… Damn, we are very different. So much, that it gave me the inspiration to write this blog. Even the way we see the world is different bruh!

Let’s be honest here city folks. You wake up, go to your balcony, with a mug of coffee, and stare at the sky and realize that – the sky is a lighter shade of grey, I might inhale lesser carbon dioxide than usual today. I would even find it amusing if you would start your day with ‘Good morning birdy’ and then realize that… Wait, there were never any birds. The last time I remember, the harmful radiations from the telephone had wiped out half their population.

I’ve got no grudge against city people. None at all. We are human beings after all. You know the line: India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

And I am not a pure village girl myself. I am that ‘ I am a vegetarian, but I eat egg’ type. I use a phone, play candy crush, watch k-dramas like any other normal human being. But I am also a ‘works on a farm, loves cows, collects wild fruits, hates leaches’ kind of a girl. Let’s just say that I am the bridge between the two worlds. (*wink)

So I decided to tell my fellow human beings of what is a village all about? I’ve lived my 18 years of life amongst people who I believe are more educated and civilized that the most prestigious degree holders. From identifying valuable trees, predicting animal behavior, agricultural practices, and most importantly their connection with nature, is something no school or institution can teach. There’s a lot more to the hardworking farmer we picture when seeing the word ‘village’.

And I am no export, just a curious girl, trying to explore how nature was life itself back then and not a source of money like we see it today. And I shall update you with the very same.


3 thoughts on “Why this blog?”

  1. I can see from this description of yourself how great of a writer you will become and your hallelujah suggests you are a bridge between indian and international as well😂loved it!

  2. I am very happy for you Monisha for this initiative. I am sure this will bring back many young men and women to their roots and enjoy life. Let all the gods and elders bless you and friends join you to your dream come true “Back to roots”


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