The scars on the face of Sahyadri

Nevertheless, these visitors take memories of the luscious greens along with them when they return and also leave behind scars on the face of Sahyadri. These scars sometimes run deep enough to expose the red fleshy laterite bed rock underneath, adorned by small specks of plastic bits left behind, stuck amongst her facial hair like grasses. And again, these naive tourists aren’t quite to blame because the forest department in the name of collecting revenue, has made a common road for them to trek on from years together, leading to profuse soil compaction and destructive soil erosion.

The construction of home stays on places with the best views also are the most susceptible to land slides. Building of roads to reach the destination cuts triple the number of trees than the avenue plantings done. The wildlife is getting ‘disturbed and domesticated’ in the name of empathetic visitors feeding parle-g biscuits to ‘hungry’ monkeys, who have forgotten to climb trees.