"Back in our days, we..." and the story goes on!

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Right from when I was a kid, I’ve been listening to this one thing: ” Back in our days, we…” and the story goes on. 

The gorge between the two generations is so deep that it is almost impossible to cross over. They woke up on the rooster’s call, hoping that the sun would not scorch their crop today or that they would have enough rain to sustain, that summer. 

We on the other hand, wake up groaning on the annoying sound of the alarm clock, tame our wild bed hair, grab the nearest toast and dash out, hoping that we make it to work on time. 

We get all the information we need on the tap of a finger, while they waited for weeks for the arrival of a letter from a far away relative. 

They’ve lived a healthy life of up to a century, while we on the other hand…Hardly make it past 60, do we?

Have you ever wondered if the fast growing ‘ pixel world’ we live in, was in fact a plot of Satan  to end the human race?

Woah!… You sure made it far bud. Really appreciate your patience.  Now, where were we?

I don’t know about Satan. But I do know that chopping down trees and raising tall sky scrapers is going to be our one way ticket to hell.

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