How to escape death?


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Death, the inevitable no man can conquer.

Your mortal articles can buy you gold-coated earthen pots of friendship,

Puppets of love painted with broad smiles and latched onto gold strings,

High and glossy, empty monuments of glory for the keen seekers of gibberish gossip.

Why? Even the running stream of time can be stopped momentarily by flashing strips of paper with countable zeroes.

But death?


Image source: Asian net news.  (In Hinduism, Yama or Yamaraj is the lord of death and justice, being responsible for the dispensation of law and punishment of sinners in his abode, Yamaloka)


Yamraj’s buffalo is never stopped by a wall of currency notes,

Nor is his vision blurred by the smoke from a Mrityunjaya yajna.

He rises from our own shadows. 

A companion we are born with until death.

An illusion that is dominant during the days

And hiding within its own insecurities at night.

Our shadow becomes the portal of death

When the pot of karma is full.


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It’s level of fullness and the content determines your position in his majesty’s reign.

Whether you become a courtier or a slave,

Your times of service at hell or heaven,

And the body you shall retire back to. 

And the cycle continuous within the circle of life and death.

Then how do we escape this sarcastic circle?

The answer is simple.

Follow the radius of the circle towards the center, where the almighty resides.

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And on your journey along the radius, you’ll realize

That death is not just a withered flower

But the seed that follows.

That death does not snatch away the things your name proudly held

But makes you realize that nothing was yours in the first place.

That death never wrecked you or the people whom you held dear,

But freed you from the chains that bound you to the material world.

And that, the almighty is sarvaswa.

The time you merge with the almighty,

My friend is the time you’ve conquered death.

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18 thoughts on “How to escape death?”

  1. Nagayya Chinchali

    This is great…
    Death is like clothe changing.Of course it’s happy moment to wear new clothes by getting ridd of old clothes(everything in life) but it seems very happiness only to those who known it’s secrets in life.

  2. Very well written! The pictures made me stop and look more into the depths of the poem. I can say that it enhanced the poem. Nice piece! Keep it up!

  3. Very meaningful,the essence of life has been beautifully brought out.
    Wish to see more of your wonderful talent,keep going,God bless you.

  4. Oh my God… u r lot more than I thought abt u … keep up with these amazing works. U could be the person who can bring changes in crores of youth. Lodzzz of love 😘😘

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